Unpublished Works

The Church's Ideological Crisis, written during study leave, 1975.  The essential ideas were incorporated in Sign and Promise. (There is a copy among my books.)

An Introduction to Christopher Dawson's Concept of Cultural History, 2009

Authoritative Teaching in the Church, 100,000 words, prepared for Corpus Christianorum, Washington, as a volume for projected Catholic Theological Dictionary (World Publishing) listed to be published beforehand as an individual volume.  (The whole project was abandoned weeks before the publication of this volume after adverse marketing research.)  There is a bound  copy of the ms. among my papers, and one in the ACU library, Banyo; these copies have an expanded title: Authoritative Teaching: Serving the Believing Community, the Primordial Subject of the Gospel Faith Living in the Church (2005).

Sharing a life journey (an autobiographical essay commenced in 2014)

Unpublished Books List in PDF format